Patient Reviews and Testimonials*

Patient Testimonials*

“I have been going to Skin Thera P for over 5 years now. Dr. Greenberg does a great job with Botox and other injectables - he is an artiste! Dr. Greenberg is on the cutting edge of new treatments too. I also use Skin Thera P for skin peels and other more cosmetic procedures. It's nice to find a spot where you can get both.” *
- Lauri, Botox and Skin Thera P's Signature Facial

"After my first treatment, I noticed such a remarkable difference. I've never felt comfortable in a medical office, but Skin Thera P’s spa atmosphere and professional staff made me feel pampered and at ease knowing my skin was in safe hands. Thanks for everything!" *
- Kendall, Laser Hair Removal

"Being a woman in the workforce means that I have to put my best foot forward everyday and Skin Thera P helps me do that. Unfortunately, everyone is judged based on their looks now a days and I can’t walk into the boardroom with skin that’s clearly shows all the stress I deal with on a daily basis. Now, when I walk into a meeting, I look more relaxed and in turn much more confident." *
- Adrianna, Botox

“I really had a wonderful experience at Skin Thera P Medical Spa. I wanted to go somewhere that I saw real results and that is exactly what I got. My skin looked tired and very dull, and my pores looked enlarged and I had some sun spots on my face. After my consultation, I was advised to try the stem cell facial that did WONDERS for my skin. I look amazing, my skin is bright and healthy looking, my pores look refined and clean. I started using their Neocutis medical grade growth factor line and my fine lines look better. All my friends are asking me what I did and this place is my little secret. Please check this place out if you really want to see a difference in your skin. I am not buying crap from over the counter any more when at this place I can have access to real products and see results. Well worth it! ***** 5 stars!!” *
- @spaaddictnyc,

“Came here on the recommendation of a friend when visiting NY, and my experience was great. Service was friendly and helpful, they gave me great beauty advice. I left looking (and feeling!) much better than I did when I walked in, and my bill wasn't insanely expensive. I'll definitely be back next time I'm in the area!” *
- Chelsea, Skin Thera P's Signature Facial

"Dr. Greenberg is an artist. I would never trust any other doctor with my lips. He knows exactly what I need to achieve the results I wanted. He understood that I didn’t want to look like I just got a ridiculous surgery, I still look like myself, just better!" *
- Katharine, Restylane Lip Injections

“The Aesthetician Angela is the best. She takes the time to answer all my questions and if she doesn't know how a certain cream is going to react to the medicine I am taking then she finds out and calls me about it.” *
- Kiran, Skin Thera P's Signature Facial

“I have been a patient of Dr. Greenberg for a few years now and he is just amazing. Really puts you at ease and explains everything. Great skill and fabulous bedside manner. The staff is wonderful and so caring as well. Your skin will never look better!” *
- Daniela, Botox

"My face is really starting to show a remarkable improvement. I can see my skin tone getting better and my problem areas are diminishing. Thanks guys. See you next week." *
- Thayer, Microdermabrasion

"Thank you very much! I was not expecting this, so you guys have made my day! I have always believed it is not the product that you purchase, but the service behind the product, and it is because of that same reason...that I know Skin Thera P will succeed! I am very impressed with your superb quality of service, and I would not go anywhere else! Thank you again!" *
- Carolina, Laser Hair Removal

“To begin, the staff was very accommodating to my schedule, giving me the best promotional deal possible! My appt was for a Vitalize Peel which I had experienced elsewhere before, had great results. However, this time I felt it was even better! Angela was thorough with the application, information and also all my questions. She provided a number to call if any more questions would arise, or any unusual circumstances came about regarding my skin as it peeled. She even provided some useful samples and a quick mineral powder cover-up before I left! Thank you.” *
- Jolynn, Vitalize Peel

"The knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail of the Skin Thera P staff is beyond compare. I am hooked on my treatments there because I've never looked better. They never double book and always are ready to give me their undivided attention." *
- Erin, Facial/Glycolic Peel

* Results may vary for each individual